About Us

Experience Matt Wright’s Retreat

Run by Matt, his wife Kaia and their friendly team.

Tiwi Island Retreat is a family owned and operated business run by none other than Matt Wright, the star of National Geographic’s hit TV show Outback Wrangler and award-winning local tourism operator.

Raised in the Australian outback, Matt has done plenty of jobs – horse wrangler, Australian Army soldier, crocodile egg collector – that helped develop his passion and skills for a career as a helicopter pilot, wildlife relocator and award-winning tourism operator.

On Matt’s TV show he tracks down, captures, and transports a diverse range of dangerous animals, including crocodiles, wild buffalo and even polar bears, that are posing a threat to people. As a chopper pilot he is able to access areas that would otherwise be impossible to reach. Matt’s goal is based on the preservation of wildlife: to remove and relocate problem animals rather than kill them.

His unique outback lifestyle and knowledge of helicopters, boats and airboats has led him to develop some of the most unique tourism experiences in the world, including Tiwi Island Retreat and his Explore the Wild Tour Series.

No one knows the Territory like Matt and the accommodation and activities on offer at Tiwi Island Retreat showcase some of the very best the Top End of Australia has to offer. Delivered with professionalism, attention to detail and commitment to the customer, the retreat tours, activities and packages are bucket list experiences not to be missed.